Mick Schumacher Drove His Father’s Old Car At The 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix

Michael Schumacher drove one of the most legendary cars in Formula 1 history, the 2004 Ferrari. It is the car the iconic German won the world championship in, and at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix, his son, Mick Schumacher, drove his father’s old car.

An Iconic Car

Michael Schumacher is still recovering from the skiing accident that left him in a coma in 2013. Details on the racing legend’s condition have remained hard to come by as his family prefers to keep Schumacher’s medical information private. It’s understood Schumacher came out of the coma and now receives care from his family and nurses at his home.

The 2004 Ferrari is the car Schumacher sat in when he clinched the 2004 world championship, which was his seventh title. That record appeared to be out of reach for the rest of the field, but Lewis Hamilton looks almost certain to match the great German’s record this season.

Taking The Car Out For A Ride

The 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix marked Ferrari’s 1000th race in the sport, and with Schumacher being the team’s most successful driver, it was fitting his son was involved in the celebrations. Mick Schumacher took his father’s old F1 car for a trip around the Tuscany circuit, even wearing his dad’s famous red helmet for the occasion.

This proved to be an important week in the racing career of Mick Schumacher. Not only did he ride his dad’s most famous car, but he also reached the top of the F2 standings. With Mick Schumacher finding success in F2, speculation is mounting that the German star could be auditioning for a ride in a Formula 1 car next season.

The 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix was a special moment for Mick Schumacher as he drove his father’s F2004. It was the car his dad cemented his legacy in, and one that might help Mick launch his own F1 career.

A Group of Friends Attempted to Launch a Car Into Space & This Is How it Turned Out…

Space has often felt like somewhere that is beyond the reach of the regular person. After all, it’s so far away, how can we possibly get there without NASA launching us all the way? One group of friends attempted to launch their car into orbit to start their own space program. Needless to say, it didn’t go so well.

Preparing the Car

YouTube channel Beyond the Press decided to take their car and see if it would somehow reach space. To do so, they packed their backyard full of explosives in the hopes of propelling the car skyward.

The guys are from Finland, and they got hold of an unusually large amount of dynamite for the job. They figured the more bang they had, the farther into the sky their car would go. The car was gutted and given a makeover to look more like a spaceship.

A Group of Friends Attempted to Launch a Car Into Space & This Is How it Turned Out…

Carrying Precious Cargo

The guys behind the Beyond the Press YouTube channel wanted to have a purpose to their space mission, so they decided to load the car up with pizza. Perhaps they were thinking of being the first company in the world to launch an interplanetary pizza delivery company. The gang buried their 154 pounds of explosives in the dirt and mounted their car, so its nose pointed toward the sky.

A Group of Friends Attempted to Launch a Car Into Space & This Is How it Turned Out…

Lighting the Fuse

When it was time to launch the car into space, things didn’t go so well. With hopes of seeing their car travel beyond the clouds, the guys at Beyond the Press waited with anticipation for the explosives to go bang. When they did, the car didn’t travel toward space, but instead, it was smashed into smithereens by the explosives.

A Group of Friends Attempted to Launch a Car Into Space & This Is How it Turned Out…

By burying the explosives six feet under the dirt, the gang hoped to propel their ship, but car debris was scattered throughout the Finnish landscape. We’re guessing NASA won’t be calling these guys any time soon.