What Some of the World’s Most Famous Racers Did After Racing

Being a racing driver has to be one of the most exciting jobs on the planet. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every driver’s life where they have to give up the ghost and retire. This is what some of the most famous racing drivers did once they left the smell of burning rubber behind.

What Some of the World’s Most Famous Racers Did After Racing

Make Money Using Their Face

Many racing drivers earn a lot of money through endorsements, and for some, that continues to be a viable revenue stream post-racing. Danica Patrick has continued making money through investments, book deals, and even cameos in movies.

Lead a Formula 1 Team

Both Christian Horner and Toto Wolff were racers in their younger years, albeit they didn’t become household names. Horner raced in F3000 while Wolff was a rally driver and former single-seater racer. They both called it quits before making it big and instead became racing directors, leading their respective teams to Formula 1 world titles.

What Some of the World’s Most Famous Racers Did After Racing

Selling Cars

Racing drivers know their cars, and some decided to stick to what they knew after they retired. Five-time F1 world champion Juan Manuel Fangio returned home to Argentina to become a Mercedes salesman, becoming president of Mercedes Argentina in 1974. Nigel Mansell also became a car dealer with Ferrari and TVR dealerships, before expanding to Hyundai and Mitsubishi.

Launching a Pop Career

One driver who took a left-field approach to retirement was former F1 world champion, Jacques Villeneuve. He wanted to become a pop star and released his own album in 2007 titled, ‘Private Paradise.’ Unfortunately for Villeneuve, his album sold just over 800 copies in North America, bringing his singing career to a premature end.

Nothing replicates the thrill of a race, but we’re sure these former racers still had plenty of fun in their second careers. Their pulses may not have raced in the same way, but we’re sure these former thrillseekers still had fun.