What Makes the Perfect F1 Overtake? Experts Chose Their 2023 Favorites

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In Formula 1, an overtake is more than simple acceleration. It’s a meticulous action that involves skill, commitment, and strategy. Renowned coach Steve Deeks of Silverstone and Alex Brundle, F1TV presenter, shared their thoughts on how drivers this season made some of history’s best overtakes at circuits that truly demand great driver skills.

Important Aspects of Overtaking

Deeks emphasized that the most important thing in overtaking is to be both brave and patient. Brundle said that it’s necessary to have a winning plan. Knowing about energy systems and making the most of fuel for cars, controlling tires so that they do not wear out too quickly, and handling DRS zones are also very important aspects of making a strong overtaking move.

There were many spectacular moves witnessed in 2023, and they came from Fernando Alonso, Kevin Magnussen, and Alex Albon, amongst many others.

Fernando Alonso’s Sao Paulo Grand Prix Masterstroke

Among the spectacular moves witnessed in 2023, Alonso’s last-minute brilliance during the Sao Paulo Grand Prix emerged as a standout. Deeks lauded it as a world-class display, highlighting the surgical precision with which Alonso executed the move.

Every frame, according to Deeks, reflected the calculated utilization of both energy and tire grip. Brundle underscored the strategic brilliance, considering the broader context of the contrasting seasons for Aston Martin and Red Bull.

Kevin Magnussen’s Monaco Magic

In Monaco, where genuine overtakes are rare, Kevin Magnussen’s daring dive on Logan Sargeant captured hearts. Deeks perceived it as a brilliant, instinctive move—a Formula Ford maneuver at its finest.

The need for precision and seizing the tight window of opportunity makes this pass a masterpiece. Brundle adds significance to its rarity, noting that Monaco seldom witnesses such genuine overtakes.

Alex Albon’s Gentlemen’s Duel at Spa

The final contender, Alex Albon’s defense against Gasly at Spa, sparked a nuanced discussion. Brundle noted the rarity of being more impressed by the driver being overtaken, emphasizing Albon’s gentlemanly approach. However, Deeks contended that the overtake of the year should be executed in a more assertive manner, reminiscent of a ninja wielding a samurai sword—cutting off options and leaving no room for debate.

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In the race for the coveted title of F1 overtake of the year, the evaluations by Deeks and Brundle highlighted the artistry and skill behind each contender. Beyond the raw speed, these insights illuminate the symphony of strategy, commitment, calculated risk, and the sheer audacity that defines the perfect overtake in Formula 1, making it a spectacle that transcends the race itself.

Ford Addresses Range Anxiety With Innovative Roof-Mounted Battery Pack

Ford Has Filed a Patent for The Roof-Carried Spare EV Battery

The electric vehicle (EV) market is driven by automakers’ desire to promote EV adoption and consumers’ concerns about range limitations. Ford has recently filed a patent application for a unique solution. It’s a backup battery pack that can be mounted on the vehicle’s roof. This patent aims to alleviate range anxiety and charging issues associated with EVs, particularly during long trips. The patent suggests that these battery packs could be rented or leased before off-roading adventures, among other possibilities.

Unanswered Questions

While Ford’s patent is intriguing, several questions arise. Firstly, how does Ford plan to reinforce the roof to support the weight of the battery pack? Merely using a roof rack may not be sufficient. Additionally, how will the battery pack be mounted and removed? EV battery packs can weigh thousands of pounds, so it is crucial to ensure a safe and practical method for installation and removal. The patent suggests the battery is removable, indicating that this roof-mounted pack may not have the same capacity as the large packs used in standard EVs. Therefore, it may weigh a couple of hundred pounds, meaning lifting a battery pack onto the roof will likely require assistance.

Potential Impact and Considerations

Potential Impact and Considerations

If the assumption is accurate, this external battery pack patent hints at a product similar to a reserve tank in a gas-powered vehicle. However, the additional weight and negative impact on aerodynamics could potentially reduce the EV’s range, especially at high speeds. Yet, in low-speed scenarios like off-road environments, the roof-mounted battery pack could provide the extra power needed to return to the trailhead. Adding solar panels to the pack could further enhance its functionality by allowing slow self-replenishment. This invention is not likely to become a reality shortly. Instead, it appears to be a placeholder for a time when Ford develops the appropriate electric off-road vehicle to utilize it effectively.