Just How Well Are The Virtual Grand Prix Races Really Going For Formula 1?

With the world in lockdown and the majority of sporting events and activities canceled, new measures have been put in place to ensure that fans don’t have to live without their favorite pastimes. Fantasy football games are popping up now more than ever, sports stars are making their mark within virtual golfing events, and that’s before we mention the virtual Grand Prix races. Whether you’re new to this virtual world or whether you’re a seasoned pro, you might be wondering how well these races are really going.

Canceling The Races

In light of the ongoing pandemic, Formula 1 races have been canceled over the past few weeks and months. The idea of a lockdown without these races in their lives upset many fans, which is why the F1 decided to bring virtual races into our lives. So far, we have seen some of our favorite racers make their way onto the virtual tracks in Bahrain, Vietnam, and China, and while we know they’re not really taking place – it could be easy to assume that they are.

Bringing In New Racers

As well as welcoming seasoned F1 racers to these virtual Grand Prix circuits, these events have also welcomed other sporting legends, such as soccer and cricket stars. Not only is this a great way to welcome new additions to the world of Formula 1, but it has also welcomed a whole new selection of sports lovers to the world of Formula 1. In fact, the numbers have been pretty impressive.

From Strength To Strength

As each new race beckons, it seems as though the viewership numbers continue to grow. It’s believed that over 16 million people have tuned in to watch these events so far, and they believe that this number will continue to get larger and larger as more and more of these virtual events take place.

Have you been watching the virtual Grand Prix races?