30 Hilarious Warning Signs from Around the World

Accidental Wrong Flavor

Warning signs are there for a pretty simple reason: to warn you of imminent dangers or possible environmental hazard. In the past, a lot of people, companies, and businesses would get into lots of trouble for not having adequate warning signs on their premises to alert customers or passers-by that about any occupational hazards that may cause harm to them. As a result, a great deal of lawsuits were filed in the past that led to a lot of companies losing out on some serious settlements. As a result, businesses, companies, and governments have gone out of their way to ensure that there is a sign for any kind of eventuality, warning people of possible hazards.

Do Not Swallow

While we’re quite sure that none of you have ever really had the urge to swallow something as obtuse as a coat hanger, this company thought it best to ensure that you don’t try!

Do Not Swallow

Now, we’ve heard about sword swallowers, but this is a little crazy! We’re not even sure how you’d manage to get a coat hanger in there, but if you do, at least you can’t say you weren’t warned! Either that or you should consider joining the circus!