The Most Innovative Car Tech On The Market

In recent years, technology has been taking over the automobile industry. Carmakers are constantly pushing themselves to include the most up-to-date technological features which will make their cars faster, more efficient, more convenient, and more fun. Here are some of the most innovative creation in the car industry today.

car tech

The Dual-Purpose Door Handle

The 2018 Range Rover Velar pushes the envelope with its minimalistic and sleek design, featuring flush-fitting door handles which only emerge from the Velar’s body when a button on the keyfob or handle itself is pressed. These modern door handles do more than provide a smooth design. They also reduce the car’s drag coefficient to .32.

car tech

Keeping It Cool

When Dodge released their 2018 Challenger Demon, they needed to find a way to keep the 6.2-Liter V-8 engine cool. The 840-horsepower speed machine features an innovation called the “SRT Power Chiller,” which redirects refrigerant from the car’s air conditioning to a unit next to the coolant pump, where it can lower the charge-air coolant temperature. This super-chilled coolant then makes its way to the supercharger, where it prevents overheating.

The Air-Controlled Wing

When the 2018 Lamborghini Juracan Performante hit the market, consumers were pleasantly surprised by the machine’s ‘active aerodynamics, which works by utilizing two external ducts that connect to air channels that flow beneath the rear wing. When the vehicle hits particularly high speeds, the ducts open, bringing the air under the wing and reducing drag to increase the car’s velocity.

Because the wing’s air channel is split in half, one side will open up at lower speeds or while braking during a corner. This increases the downforce on the inner wheel, allowing for faster turning. “We’re always looking to apply what we know about physics in the smartest, yet simplest way,” said Lamborghini’s R&D chief, Maurizio Reggiani.