This hand-fabricated Replica of the Iconic Big Red 1969 Camaro is a True Masterpiece

Model cars are not just kids’ toys anymore! Some people have an urge to collect miniature car models as prized possessions. That’s why the scaled-down version of actual hot rods has emerged as a lifestyle over the past few years. The craftsmanship behind these metal sculptures, with meticulous detailing, is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Jamie Schena, a 33-year-old builder, is an expert in hot-rodding handiwork and has recently proven this with his amazing take on the iconic Big Red, or the 1969 Chevy Camaro.

Why This Project

Jamie Schena started the project because none other than RJ Gottlieb, owner of Big Red, commissioned it. According to the talented craftsman, the Big Red Camaro road racing setup was, by far, the most complicated sculpture he had to build. His instructions were to build each detail of both the exterior and interior, along with the trunk, hood, and opening doors. There was no deadline and Schena was given full freedom with unlimited hours, as Gottlieb wanted this masterpiece to be his greatest sculpture yet, and the end result proves he was not disappointed.

The Background Research

For his most ambitious project, Jamie Schena went to Victorville, California to visit Big Red in person and to study the car components in particular. He was completely blown away by the skilled work of the Big Red crew, and at the same time, realized that it would be difficult to recreate this American icon by perfectly capturing its character. He paid attention to all the details of the Camaro, took extensive notes, and captured a lot of photos. As his artwork was not a die-cast model, only scaling down everything was not enough.

The Process of Recreation

Jamie Schena built his Big Red Camaro sculpture from recycled automotive parts and mild steel sheet metal. This bespoke metal artwork is one-off and non-replicable. To celebrate the fact that it’s fully handmade, Schena left the metal grinding marks exposed. The replica is ¼ in scale and weighs 95 pounds. Starting from the minuscule bolts and hinges, to individual parts of the engine, to the fire system, he managed to capture every detail in this recreation. Lastly, he used polyurethane clear paint with an assortment of dyes for the paint job to generate the color of the original Big Red Camaro. But a transparent sheen was provided to the color to make the metal craftsmanship visible. Thus, after spending hundreds of hours alone in his studio, Jamie Schena came up with this true masterpiece of the Big Red Camaro sculpture.

This 1961 Rolls-Royce Just Got An Electric Revamp

One of the great things about the popularity of electric vehicles is that many vintage cars are making a comeback. Cars that once went out of production due to outdated technology are given a second chance by the latest advances. This 1961 Rolls-Royce is the latest retro car to get an electric revamp.

1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V

The 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V is regarded as one of the finest cars ever made, but it pollutes the air pretty badly because it was made so long ago. However, this new version of the 1961 Rolls-Royce doesn’t have that problem because it is fully electric. Now you can glide along in the classic car without the sound of a fighter jet coming from und

The Phantom V has been given an electric makeover by Lunaz, a company making its name converting historic old cars into electric vehicles. Fans of the vintage car will have to be prepared to drop some serious cash on the electric 1961 Rolls-Royce Phantom V. Customers will have to meet the $500,000 asking price if they are to drive away with this British classic.

How It’s Done

Lunaz makes this magic happen by stripping away the Phantom V to its base metal before 3D-scanning and weighing the car. The car conversion company then rips out the old drivetrain and installs a new electric one with an impressive 300-mile range.

Things like the brakes and steering are given an upgrade, while the original paintwork and interior are restored to their former glory. Inside, owners will find a bar service, privacy screens, the car’s original 1961 wood, and even enough room to seat eight people.

Lunaz has designated 30 build slots for Rolls-Royce cars, so they are going to be a rare sight on our roads. But thankfully, the company is doing everything it can to restore these vintage cars to ensure they remain on our highways and relevant.